We get what it means to start small. Like you, we strive to be at our best every moment we hustle. That’s why we offer several affordable services just for startups: 

Digital Media Consulting: If you've got time to Tweet or post, we can give you the strategy, data, and ongoing direction to make your social media more effective. This service includes an initial study with a social media strategy, a best practices guide specifically written for your business, and an editorial schedule, plus weekly trending topics to help you connect with your audience and monthly data reports.  

Social Media Account Management: Don't have time to post fresh content on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIN? We'll manage your organic social media account(s) for you using the same insights and strategy in our Digital Media Consulting package. 

Recipe Consulting: Recipes can be one of the most powerful ways a consumer can personally experience your brand in their own home—and recipes help people find you online. We will make sure your existing recipes are easy for search engines and consumers to find, improve online user experience, review your recipe photography, and professionally edit your recipes to give home cooks a memorable, successful experience. 

Content Refreshing: Fresh content matters to both customers looking for useful, relevant information, and it also helps search engines direct people to your website. We'll edit and rewrite content to update it, put your brand in the best light, and make your site relevant to users. 

Social Media Banners: Keep your branding consistent across all your company's social media platforms with simple, custom banners designed to fit Facebook, LinkedIN, and Twitter.