I started Saltshaker to help food, beverage, wellness, entertainment, and travel companies with content marketing strategies and high-quality, original content. (Or, as we old-school journalists say, stories!)

Saltshaker's clients need content on multiple platforms. The projects need writers, editors, bloggers, recipe developers and testers, social media and SEO/SEM gurus, R&D chefs, food photographers, food and prop stylists, video crews and editors, sound pros and editors, designers, creative directors, registered dietitians, and more.

One of the reasons I started Saltshaker is because I love working with talented people who are great at what they do and always strive to be better. As I'm building clientele, I'm just as excited about building a talent pool of creative professionals who are looking for project-based work.

If that's you, I'd love to meet you. Please reach out, and we’ll talk soon.

Shaun Chavis