Saltshaker Marketing offers clients a special advantage: We are professional journalists who specialize in food, health, tourism, and entertainment. We've worked for major media companies and national lifestyle magazines.

Saltshaker assembles an A-team of expert storytellers for each client account or project. Based on your goals and strategy, we create recipes, videos, photos, newslettersstories, guides, articles, and other content to engage your audience using mobile, blogs, email, print, web, and other platforms. (There's more fun stuff we can do, too.) 

Our team of specialized journalists allow us to create original, high-quality content for our clients. Journalists are great storytellers. We're experienced at making people click, read, watch, and take action. 

Our specializations allow us to bring rich context to the content we create: In fact, two of our team have MLAs in Gastronomy, which includes studies in food history, food culture, and food anthropology. 

We also make killer cocktails. 

Searching and referring to recipes are the most popular activities grocery shoppers do on their smart phones.