What’s Going On in the Food World

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By Saltshaker Trendspotters

We’ve scoured the Internet to find the most interesting and latest updates related to food policy, digital media and culinary trends this summer:

In The News

Americans love their chicken, especially when it’s brined, breaded, deep-fried and served at Georgia’s own Chick-fil-A. The southern fast food chain had the highest rating (87 of 100) from this year’s American Customer Satisfaction Index Restaurant Report.

The creator of asparagus water and recent seller of Lionfish is at it again, this time with the F.D.A. The co-CEOS of Whole Foods received a letter stating serious violations while inspecting a facility in Massachusetts in February. Violations include finding food in areas with where “condensate” was leaking and improper sanitation stations for employees.

Have you ever thrown away non-perishable foods because you couldn’t understand the label? Think about how many others are doing the same. To curb confusion and try to eliminate food waste, retail giant Walmart has required the suppliers of its Great Value brand products change the verbiage to “best if used by.”

Vermont’s legal step to label foods that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has been pre-empted by lawmakers in D.C. On July 29, President Barack Obama signed a bill into requiring any foods containing GMOs to be labelled as such. The bill was vilified by Vermont delegates, who maintain the law is a weakened version of their own more stringent measures. The ensuing brouhaha has created a greater conversation of how this will impact the American food system.

Tech Updates

Good news: Major food giants like Kellogg, Coca-Cola and General Mills and venture capitalists have found a new investment opportunity - food startups. With society’s demands and changing food habits, these companies are becoming more and more attractive to those investing in the future.

Chefs and restaurant staff can stop feeling guilty for throwing away perfectly good food with a new app. Flashfood allows businesses to sell food products at a discounted price by uploading the estimated expiration date, a photo and a pickup location. A website for the Canadian-based developers says a soft launch for Flashfood is planned in Toronto in late summer.

Learn some tips from food photography expert Liza Gershman to get your photos to pop on your blog and in social media. Her biggest tip - “Simplify: Keep things clean and simple, and don’t have too many patterns.”


For those of you not watching what you eat, Burger King has used their team of experts (teens and college kids) to invent their latest food item - Mac n’ Cheetos. These mac ’n’ cheese nuggets have been dredged in Cheetos dust and deep-fried clocking in at 310 calories for a serving of 5, and served with a side of ranch.

Taking a nod from Starbuck’s, Barnes & Noble has unveiled a new business plan to start selling food and alcohol. In an effort to compete with its online competitor Amazon these new concepts will feature cafes that serve breakfast, lunch and dinner with bars featuring beer and wine.

If we are what we Google, it would either be turmeric or cheese curds, according to the 2016 Google Food Trends report. We are most curious about the yellow-fleshed root and have a love-hate relationship with carbs and dairy.

Long flight anytime soon? Maybe think again before scarfing down that food on your tray. Conde Nast Traveler editors have provided their firsthand accounts of eating food 10,000 feet above the ground…and the reviews aren’t overwhelmingly positive.

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