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Tell your story on different social media platforms: A case study at an Atlanta cidery

Getting started on social media or revamping your social media strategy can be intimidating. After identifying your customer platforms and developing your editorial calendar (see Social Media 100 and Social Media 101), it is now time to start crafting your posts.

One of the most important things to remember from identifying your customer platforms: You're reaching different audiences with each platform, and each platform has its own strengths, so what works on one platform won't always work on another. To give you some ideas, the Saltshaker team took a field trip to Urban Tree Cidery, one of greater Atlanta’s first hard cider makers.

While at the cidery, we had an opportunity to meet with Eric Herndon, a cider making apprentice. He took us on behind-the-scenes tour of the fermentation tanks, shared some information about the offerings at Urban Tree Cidery and provided us with more information about cider itself. Taking this information, we strategized the best methods to share this information with our current and future clients.

At Saltshaker, we’ve identified LinkedIn and Twitter as our best platforms, and Facebook as a great supplemental channel. We decided to take the information we received and share it across a few different platforms.

1. Teaser on Twitter: The day we visited Urban Tree Cidery, we tweeted a picture from the cidery with a few clues as to our whereabouts. 

2. Q&A on LinkedIn: Learning some interesting tidbits from Erin Herndon, we were able to share some additional information about cider making and the history of cider on LinkedIn Pulse. 

3. Facebook Photo Album: Once we shared the Q&A on LinkedIn, we uploaded photos from our cider adventures to our business page in a photo gallery.

On our personal accounts, we decided to share some images and short videos via Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. Here is what we captured:

Tip: Research hashtags before you use them. We discovered that #cidertime has a huge following—and is a fun tag to look at. 

Tip: Research hashtags before you use them. We discovered that #cidertime has a huge following—and is a fun tag to look at. 

Behind the scenes at Urban Tree Cidery. Snapchat videos are successful if they're very impromptu; a polished, directed look won't fly. 

Is cider a chick drink? Eric Herndon at Urban Tree Cidery in Atlanta frees your mind. (This video got more than 700 views on Facebook in two days.)