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One of our favorite content marketing tools: Airtable

With so many mobile apps and online platforms available today, it’s hard to know which one is best for your small business. Throughout the year the Saltshaker team has used a range of tools to keep our schedules organized and upcoming projects on track. With our food experts located around the South, we are currently smitten with Airtable—a multi-user database app—to keep our editorial calendars up-to-date and manage client deadlines. Here's a look at how we use it—and it may inspire your team, too. 

Airtable was established in 2012 as an online platform to create and share databases. It can be used with an Internet browser and as a free app on your mobile device. We love that you can define and format the fields. You can link between them and fill them with URLs, dates, attachments, long text, and more. Best for personal and small business use, the platform can be used to organize spreadsheets with deadlines, attachments and collaborators. If changes are made in a database, Airtable tracks the user and timeframe. 

To help you get started, here are a few ideas to start your first databases (with some screenshots showing how we use Airtable):


You can use Airtable to organize your social media campaigns. You can see that we also use ours to track social listening, key phrases, and online relationships.


This is perhaps our favorite use of Airtable. It offers a very simple, at-a-glance way to plan future content and archive previously published content. We use it to track ideas, which posts we promote, and engagement. Airtable also allows us to collaborate with our geographically scattered content creation team. Are there more sophisticated systems available? Sure thing. But for our small, get-it-done team, Airtable works beautifully.

One of the biggest challenges companies face is creating and sticking to a written content marketing plan. When we work with Bootstrapper's Package clients who want to do their own social media with professional guidance, we show them how to set up their own editorial calendars in Airtable. 


Some other suggestions for ways food businesses can use Airtable:

  • Keep track of restaurant inventory lists
  • Plan the logistics of an upcoming event
  • Coordinate vendor and supply deadlines