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Sick of the same old food in every internal office meeting? Convince your company to create an account with Deliveroo to start getting lunches catered from a local taqueria or better yet, that high-end sushi restaurant down the street!

If you’re a receipt checker, like most members of the Saltshaker team, you may have noticed a spike in your recent grocery bills. Unfortunately, it isn’t a coincidence food prices have increased by almost 7% since last year.

We love staying in the loop on what’s going on with our fellow female food influencers and are so proud of all of the women that were named as this year’s most innovative women in food and drink. You go, ladies!


Maple syrup, hockey, and poutine: Remind you of anything? Probably our neighbor to the North that was named 2017’s best travel destination by Lonely Planet. If you’re feeling the travel bug, Columbia, Finland, Dominica and Nepal round out the top five countries.

Have you been dreaming of the day you could splurge on a Cuban cigar while sipping some aged Cuban rum? Well, good news: That day is about to come! President Obama recently lifted the ban on both cigars and rum from the communist-ruled country earlier this month, so you’re free to bring these coveted treasures home from your next vacation.

It’s holiday time, which means the headache of figuring out your travel plans is beyond us. Don’t worry—Forbes is combating those well-known travel myths to help save you money and lessen your holiday planning anxiety.


After selling his organic baby food start up to Campbell’s, entrepreneur Neil Grimmer is at it again—but this time with a nutrition idea geared for those of drinking age.

Wellness programs have been an aspect of Europe’s corporate culture for quite some time but is just starting to gain speed here in the US. A new style of program may be just want you need to have happy, healthy employees with long-lasting results.

We have a no-so-secret secret that we need to share with you: Sugar is hidden in everything! Learn more about how the low-fat trend helped the sugar industry gain momentum and helped contribute to the obesity epidemic. 


Your next trip is just an app away. Google released its travel app, Trips, in September offering smartphone users a pocket-sized concierge. Since Google already knows everything about you, based on your search history, it also knows exactly where you need to go to get away!

Our favorite creator of the iPhone, iPad and MacBook is teaming up with insurance company Aetna to provide users with a fitness strategy app for its Apple Watch. The Fitbit competitor is perfect for companies interested in adding extra incentives for their corporate wellness programs.

Become a world-class food photographer to help you lose weight! The Lose It app just came out with a new beta feature that lets you take photos of your food and translates them into calories for your daily food log.


If you’re a firm believer in the five-second rule, you may not want to hear what food scientists have to say about those M&M’s you just put in your mouth – read at your own discretion.

Living in an age where newer is usually considered better, we sometimes forget about the oldies but goodies – when it comes to food, our forefathers helped create American institutions that have influenced today’s restaurants.