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Create Online Lessons to Educate Your Audience

A desk with a laptop

A desk with a laptop

To stay on top of the competition, business owners are constantly on the lookout to try the next creative marketing or analytic tool. These tools are usually great enhancements for business, but for most small businesses they can be quite expensive, complicated to navigate and may require additional training. Ted-Ed offers an unconventional and affordable tool that may assist with enhancing your content marketing approach.

Although created for education,  Ted-Ed allows anyone to create lessons by taking existing videos from YouTube, TedTalks, or original content. Ted-Ed even provides video search options on their website to find the appropriate URL to use for a video. Once lesson creators have chosen a video, there is the option to add questions, discussion points or other useful resources to make the video interactive. After completing the video, the lesson can be published and Ted-Ed provides a unique URL that can be shared either publicly or privately with other users.

So, why Ted-Ed?

This tool can be shared with current clients to find out more information, since the answers and progress can be monitored and analyzed. It can also be used to share more information about a specific industry, especially for businesses that are trying to engage with new customers that may not understand the industry or know the brand’s products. This can be helpful for businesses in health and wellness trying to bring awareness to a cause, or for tourist companies interested in learning more from potential customers about their preferences and interests.

For more information, check out Ted-Ed and explore these videos for some ideas and inspiration.

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